Thursday, July 21, 2011

Call to prayer for Matthew and Kara

Please visit this blog to show your support for my friends, Matthew and Kara Sikes.  Not enough can be said about how much my heart hurts for them while at the same time I experience so much joy for the faith each of them possesses and the great support from their church community.  This is what church is.

Also, I encourage you to consider donating to the James Camden Sikes Fund, which goes toward researching rhabdoid tumors.  As you can tell from the Wikipedia link, much is still unknown about this malignant, highly lethal tumor.

Twenty-eight days.  That's less than a month.  That's all it took.  On day one, Jamesie went to the hospital.  On day 28, Matthew and Kara laid his body in its final resting place. 

Matthew and Kara will be hurting a lot longer than that.  Please pray for them through this grieving process.  May God send his great Comforter to them.

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