Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Would You Boo Jesus?

There really is a strong disconnect between what Jesus said and what many of his followers practice, isn't there?  I guess that's why this spoken word piece below is getting so much buzz.

Then we get the following piece where Ron Paul is met by a booing crowd after he supported the Golden Rule in foreign policy:  "I would say that maybe we ought to consider a golden rule in foreign policy. Don't do to other nations what we don't want to [be done] to us.  So we endlessly bomb these countries and then we wonder why they get upset with us?"  Of course that was met with boos. 

As one of my friends on Facebook noted, "What do you want to bet that not a single one of these booing psychopaths would disavow the New Testament if asked? And yet here they are, technically blaspheming it."  Ouch.  Not the "psychopaths" part, but rather the part about blasphemy. 

I can't say he's wrong. 

The debate took place on Martin Luther King Day, so, of course, plenty of people made reference to him.  Rep. Paul among them.  I have no doubt Dr. King would support Paul's statement.  But, then again, when King was alive he was called a Communist and un-American, so that doesn't surprise me.  In fact, I'm sure he'd still be called this and worse by most of the men sharing the stage with Paul.

My point is that I wonder what it will take for people to recognize that arguing for the current foreign policy and pre-"defensive" measures is booing Jesus.

Then again, I used to irritate my brother with everything I could.  Then, when he finally hit me, I'd cry and run tell my parents.  Two differences:  One, I was a child.  Two, our nation is in the practice of hitting other countries (with bombs and assassinations), then we cry foul when they speak out against us. 

I can't say I agree with everything Ron Paul says or believes, but he's right on about the Golden Rule.

It's time to not run with the status quo.  It's time to take a stance for love.

One last note from an individual in one of the most oppressed groups in our world out of Burma:  "Now I realize that we made a mistake in 1988 by not showing the Burma Army generals love. The students called for punishment and the generals reacted by cracking down until today.  The next time, we must show love and forgiveness to the generals. Then we will win."

We keep fighting, but we fight with love and nonviolence just like MLK.  Just like Jesus.

That's how you glorify God and cheer on Jesus.

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  1. I couldn't agree more! Thanks for the quote, as well. I really think this is the one thing that Christians today - really all religious people - need to take to heart most of all. You can't just believe in a God and then use him to validate whatever violence you want to wreak on the world - that is the diametric opposite of real faith.