Thursday, August 12, 2010

Code Orange Makes My Lungs Hurt

Yesterday as I was riding my bike to work in the morning, I realized that the air tasted bad. I've been hearing about the air quality and even mentioned it in my post about riding the bus last night. I'm not in Los Angeles, so something seems a bit off.

My question right now, though, is when do I know that riding outside on my bike is actually UNhealthy? When I came home yesterday, I got more of the typical questions I get when I've been on my bike coming home: "Are you really riding in this heat?" The answer has always been "Yes." But the afternoon was more of the morning. The air just seemed worse than it has. It was hot, and I mean haht. However, it was harder to breathe and each breath lacked the relief it usually brings. It was strange and startling.

As I rode past a truck that was left running (in the shade), I breathed in a mouthful of exhaust as I saw the driver standing 10 feet away in an in depth conversation with another person. No wonder we are in this position.

My hope and prayer is that we stop being so selfish and start getting creative--pretty much the theme of all my blog posts so far. We have so many options--carpooling, public transportation, walking, cycling, dancing--and the only thing we lose out on is a little bit of convenience.

That's how I feel. What do you think?

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