Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mexico Needs Our Help

That such a proud and troubled country has been struggling and hurting for so long is a verguenza that should burn in every North American's heart. Now the country that is closer to us in history and culture and geography than all others but one is in the midst of being crushed by a dark hand from within. I just read an article by The Wall Street Journal called "Mexico Under Siege". It's no longer just a poor area or border area issue; all of Mexico is at risk.

I do not understand how we have let this happen. Did our government think NAFTA was all we needed to solve emigration and poverty in Mexico? If it did, I think we can safely move past that misguided effort into the war that sits a few feet away from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

We have heard so much about protecting our borders. But you can't treat the symptom without fighting the illness. Immigrants come to the United States illegally, and we hate them for it. But if they stay they could end up being added to the more than 28,000 who have been murdered since 2006.

Immigration reform will not be successful until we help our neighbor. We will not win the war on drugs until we help our neighbor. I know we're not a Christian nation, but now is the time to find a solution beyond capitalism. I do not know what the answer is. There are many problems in Mexico and not enough solutions. But we have to try, because Mexico needs our help.


  1. Why is it that so many people need so much help? What is the issue? How did it get so bad in the first place in all these places around the world? Is the planet really that devoid of decent human beings that just want good things for others? I don't know, Justin, it seems like there is very little we can do to help Mexico, Haiti, Africa, Pakistan, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Cambodia, Singapore, Northern Ireland, India, et. al. Let's not forget the struggles we have in our own country that we ignore so that we can go help others.

    I'm not in a bad mood today, I promise. Just feeling a little overwhelmed by the physical, emotional, and spiritual poverty we are experiencing in the world.

  2. It is overwhelming, isn't it? At least Time Magazine knows how to deal ( - "Do 'Cougars' Really Exist?").

    I was thinking about the battle between helping here and helping there. This is why helping must have a greater purpose, a spiritual purpose. Otherwise, despair wins the day. I still believe in the almighty God, and that's why I try to keep on helping, even when I don't really know how.