Friday, March 2, 2012

Beautiful Things

Angela shared this song with me yesterday after it moved her to tears.  You can get the lyrics here along with another interesting blog to follow.
When Angela sent this to me, I had just finished a chapter in Scott Todd's Fast Living where he discussed quite well how in one slum the "excrement was integrated with the soil" after 20 years of "flying toilets."

I realized that in my own life, my soil and dust were not the pristine soil of a Garden of Eden, but rather the dirt-excrement combination of a slum.  Yet, God makes beautiful things even out of this -- even out of me.

During this Lenten season of wandering and renewal, I have to keep reminding myself:  This isn't all about me.  God is renewing me.  But he also renewing all of us.  Lent is not only fasting in our lives, but also fasting to glorify God through serving others, not ourselves.  Read Isaiah 58.

I have been selfish all of my life.  Now it's time I fast from myself.

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